February 22, 2024

The most common mistakes when booking a cruise are revealed

Cruises are a popular getaway for many, however cruise expert Cruise Mummy has revealed the most common mistakes that lead to spending way more than necessary

1- How are you booking

There are many routes you can take when booking a cruise, whether you choose to do so through a travel agent, book online, or book directly with the cruise line. It’s generally cheaper and easier to book with a travel agent, especially if it’s your first time on a cruise. They often get access to special fares or packages with flights that would otherwise not be available.

However, you can also consider booking online if you’re happy to cruise, as it will give you more time to compare cruises without the pressure of booking. If you decide to book yourself, you may want to consider using an online comparison tool to ensure you get the best deal.

2 – Pay for optional extras

The price of your cruise will be affected by optional extras, including a room with a balcony. While this can add a sense of luxury, especially if you’re on a scenic cruise, it also comes with a much higher price tag. A cheaper alternative is an inside cabin, which is a room that has no balcony or windows and is often only half the price of its luxury counterparts.

Although the interior of the staterooms does not have natural light, the money you save could be used to keep you out of your room on excursions or could even be used for your next cruise.

3- Book at the wrong time

According to experts, you can find the best deals when itineraries are first released for booking or 12 weeks before the cruise departs as prices drop to fill remaining cabins.

Booking at the last minute is a popular way to get a cheap deal, but this comes with risks. You need to be flexible and there is always the chance that you may not like the itinerary or have difficulty finding a cruise that meets your needs. However, it’s always worth looking for a last-minute discount.

4 – Paying full price for children

Inevitably, cruises cost more money during school holidays, which can make taking the little ones much more expensive. Luckily, there are still ways to save even when traveling with the whole family.

Some cruise lines charge a flat price for passengers of all ages, and if you have young children on board who don’t eat or drink half as much as an adult, you may feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth. to worth. It is essential to fully choose your provider’s care.

Some cruise lines may charge a reduced fare for younger passengers, while others allow children on board for free. Some even offer complimentary overnight childcare, keeping you child-free at night! Researching child ticket prices and carefully selecting your cruise line could save you hundreds.

5 – Use your mobile data on board

Many of us can’t go a day without our phones, whether making calls, sending text messages, or browsing social media. However, data roaming while on a cruise can result in a very high phone bill. While you’re at sea, your phone can’t connect to satellites like it normally would, so it connects to maritime satellites, which costs a lot of money.

This can be avoided by turning off the phone or putting it in airplane mode to prevent apps from using data in the background. If, like many others, you can’t stand being without Internet during your cruise, Wi-Fi packages are available on board. This comes at a cost; However, it can be much cheaper than paying for data roaming.

As for calls and text messages, it is advisable to use applications that allow you to do so via Wi-Fi, such as WhatsApp and Skype to avoid those extra charges.

6 – Pay for alcohol on board

Paying for drinks on board may be a cost that you overlook during the planning process, but it can dramatically increase the total price of your cruise. If you are not traveling all-inclusive, you will have to pay individually for all drinks you order in bars and restaurants, unless you pay for a drinks package, which can be very expensive.

A great way to avoid this is to carry alcohol with you. Most cruise lines allow one bottle per person; some will allow you to bring more for a small fee. Drinking alcohol in your stateroom is completely free, but you may have to pay a corkage fee if you want to drink it in the ship’s bars and restaurants. It’s essential to check with your cruise line first, as they all have different policies, but this trick could save you from spending unnecessarily on drinks.

Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy, said: “Cruises are an incredible experience and they really don’t have to be expensive. Making small changes can save you hundreds and allow you to find a cruise regardless of your budget. And especially when many people have little money, it is important to save where we can.”

Source: Cruise Mummy

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