About Us

Travel Konnections is a platform where you can find all kinds of necessary suppliers in the sector, also known as MICE, Meeting or Travel Advisor, necessary for the organization of events and groups

Fill an online gap to obtain these suppliers internationally, thus accelerating complex transnational purchasing and contracting. Buyers use this market, looking for all kinds of travel related providers and services worldwide.

Buyers choose suppliers online, they send the request directly to the inbox, making their selected reservations online.

Buyers and suppliers will quickly receive your feedback directly from each other.

Travel Konnections provides a system to promote destinations, highlighting the resources, services and reference points that until now have been invisible to the world travel market.


Difficult access to the market due to limited economic resources will cease to exist and everyone in our industry will be able to seek and find the best possible fit between supply and demand.

Travel Konnections is not limited to places, but encompasses all kinds of areas, including catering, transportation, sports, and languages, to name a few. The more information you provide, the greater the potential of being called online using various channels and search criteria.

Suppliers will be able to grow their business with Travel Konnections, which will showcase its services to the meeting industry, allowing buyers to find their services online and also book them.