June 13, 2024
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Puerto Vallarta: the best destination for humpback whale watching

The green pearl of the Mexican Pacific receives these incredible marine mammals from December to March

Starting in December and until early spring, Puerto Vallarta becomes the winter home of humpback whales, due to the excellent climate and sea temperature that this wonderful destination offers, allowing you to contemplate these impressive marine mammals, coupled with the great tourist infrastructure and the specialists who consciously guide such a magical experience, in favor of its conservation.

Biologist Ma. Eugenia Rodríguez, who directs Wildlife Connection, a Mexican company dedicated to the study and conservation of the environment, comments that during the humpback whales’ stay in Vallarta, they can frequently be seen on the surface making jumps and tail-flips, distinctive courtship behavior and in many cases it is likely to find females playing with their young.

Some recommendations that the Biologist makes for watching humpback whales in the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific are:

Certified tour: Puerto Vallarta has professional service providers who, in addition to training each year, have the appropriate equipment, tools and boats, as well as that follow the Official Mexican Standard NOM-131, which indicates the guidelines to carry out said activity in a responsible manner; Some of the tour operators with whom you can do this activity are:

Vallarta Adventures. It has a team of experts in marine mammals who will accompany you on a Photographic Safari with whales, in addition each boat has a hydrophone, through which you can listen to the “singing” of these wonderful cetaceans, as well as a GPS tracker that detects the areas where it is possible to encounter groups of whales, which increases the chances of having a sighting.

Ecotours Puerto Vallarta. It is the main sponsor of Ecobac, a civil association in charge of the Humpback Whale Photo Identification Project in Banderas Bay, better known as the FIBB Catalog, so by using its services you directly support the research project for this species.

Another excellent option is Wildlife Connection, which offers an educational tour where its guides, biologists specializing in cetaceans, share their professional knowledge and experience in the field, in addition, this company is classified as responsible given that it has the federal permit with which it is It is possible to take two tours: Whale Watching and Whale Photography.

It should be noted that it is suggested to follow some instructions to have a better experience, such as:

Necessary precautions. Before the tour it is advisable to eat something light and hydrate yourself properly, this to avoid dehydration and decompensation caused by the boat trip, due to the journey that ranges between 3 and 4.5 hours. Additionally, if you suffer from dizziness it is necessary to take a pill before the tour. your boarding. Consider protecting electronic devices and valuable items to avoid damage.

It is worth noting that there must be a space of at least 60 meters between the boat and the whales, which will help to ensure that they can be seen in the best way and thus prevent stress on the cetaceans as well as allowing the boat to move. interpose between the mother-calf pair. It is prohibited to throw organic waste, solid waste or any other type of pollutants into the sea.

Puerto Vallarta has a privileged view of the bay, where you can even observe cetaceans from almost any point, including the boardwalk and even the hotel room. It is also one of the tourist destinations committed to the environment, actively participating in actions in favor of humpback whales, an example of this is the support for the “Swim for Whales 2023” initiative, which aims to raise awareness and raise funds. for the conservation of these impressive marine mammals.

Source : Visit Puerto Vallarta

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