June 13, 2024
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“Workactions”: the new work paradigm for productive and pleasant vacations at the same time

People can explore new destinations while staying professionally active from anywhere in the world

Summer is approaching and with the holidays approaching, an important question arises: where are employees really working from?

In a world where the office is no longer limited by four walls, the way we understand work and vacation has been undergoing an important transformation for some time. “Workactions”, an amalgam of the words “work” and “vacations”, have become a growing trend that challenges traditional norms of the world of work.

Fabiana Gadow, president of Korn Ferry Argentina, points out: “Workactions are a phenomenon that has emerged from increasing work flexibility and trust between employees and employers. People are willing to sacrifice part of their vacation time if it means having the freedom and flexibility to work the way they want. This mindset reflects a fundamental shift in the way people view their professional and personal lives.

A survey conducted by Harris Poll (USA – 2021) reveals that 74% of people are willing to consider this format as a viable option. This not only indicates a growing acceptance of this practice, but also a change in work mentality. With technology enabling seamless communication from anywhere in the world, people can now explore new destinations while continuing to fulfill their work responsibilities.

However, this trend raises important questions about how to balance work and personal life effectively. Amid the growing popularity of workactions, it’s crucial to find a balance that allows workers to recharge while continuing to be productive. Gadow emphasizes: “People need time away that truly allows them to disconnect and be away. Additionally, organizations must evaluate this practice on a case-by-case basis, as it does not apply to any employee and areas that do not allow such hybridity.”

Companies are also adapting to this change. By offering employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, organizations are fostering a more adaptable and collaborative work environment. Integrating workactions into work culture not only improves motivation and engagement, but also strengthens bonds between team members in a less formal environment.

When adopting this modality, it is essential to establish clear policies that define employee expectations. “Ensuring reliable technology for virtual calls and meetings, along with legal considerations like ART and insurance, is critical to maintaining productivity and safety. “Regular evaluations and open communication are key to adjusting policies as necessary, ensuring an effective and positive work experience,” adds Gadow.

Ultimately, this modality represents a revolution in the modern world of work and a trend that offers people the opportunity to explore the world while continuing to advance in their professional careers.

However, its successful implementation requires care, consideration and adequate support from leaders and organizations to ensure that both employees and the company thrive in this new work paradigm.

Source: Buzon & Co

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