April 13, 2024

Viva Air launches “Viva Mundo” in collaboration with Dohop

Customers will be able to buy flights in connection with other airlines in a single transaction allowing them to reach more destinations in the continent or in the world

Viva Air, the leading ‘Ultra Low Cost’ airline in Colombia, announced today the launch of “Viva Mundo”, a new service that will allow passengers to purchase flights with various connections between airlines to travel between South America and North America.

As part of the launch, Viva Air offers connections with partner airlines such as Air Transat, meaning that, through a single transaction, travelers will be able to fly from Colombia or Peru (Viva Air’s main hubs) to airports in Florida, the Caribbean, Canada, Quebec, Montreal and Toronto.

“Viva Mundo” will be powered by the B2B travel technology provider Dohop, which with its interline technology automatically generates the best rates and prices for users. Within the same process, travelers will be able to add to their reservation the complementary services that best suit their needs and type of trip.

Although the airlines are the ones who have contact with the client according to their itineraries, the reservations also include a Dohop assistance service in case of flight delay or cancellation, offering solutions that allow travelers to reach their destination as soon as possible.

Viva Air through “Viva Mundo” plans to add more airlines in the near future, which is easily achieved without the need for code sharing or traditional agreements.

Thanks to this agreement, the Colombian airline will offer a wide network of destinations to its travelers without having to open new direct routes and, in addition, this strategy will allow the airline to increase its revenues.

Pablo Madriñán, Commercial Director of Grupo Viva, comments: “Through this ‘Virtual Interline’ service, we are further expanding the opportunities to connect our passengers between South America and North America with a single transaction, thus offering them more international travel options. We will continue to maintain the low prices that characterize us on the routes operated directly by Viva”.

David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop, adds: “We are very pleased to have helped Viva Air find a cost-effective solution to provide their customers with a means to travel to the most popular destinations in the United States and Canada.”

“We look forward to working with Viva Air to increase the number of airlines on the Viva Mundo platform, thereby increasing the destinations available to Viva Air passengers, who in turn use this connectivity as a source of incremental revenue for the airline.”

“As we expand further into the Americas, these partnerships show the value that alternative ‘Virtual Interline’ arrangements can provide to both airlines and their passengers in the region.”

Source: Twitter @VivaAirCol

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