Tourist route of the Bicentennial in Guatemala City

INGUAT designed three circuits to tour the city and delve into its history and interesting data that allow enriching cultural knowledge

The Bicentennial of Independence is an opportunity to recognize the important events that have elapsed from 1821 to 2021. Throughout these 200 years, Guatemala has been recognized internationally for its unique and charming tourist sites, which have been visited by thousands of people, who have been amazed by the traditions, customs, gastronomy, the kindness of the Guatemalans and the first-rate tourist offer that the country has.

In order to provide an option for domestic tourism in Guatemala City, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute has designed a route that allows three tourist circuits as follows:

· Historic Center: links historic places where the heroes held meetings to achieve the Independence of Central America.

· Civic Center: historically converges the art of murals in high relief, government entities and the Olympic City.

· Parks and monuments: to the south of the city is the Avenida Reforma and Avenida las Américas, which houses squares and monuments built in honor of characters that marked the history of our country.

The general director of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón explained “This route is based on the inventory of registered tourist attractions and, consulting external sources, was hosted as a cartographic viewer at allowing to appreciate the history that protects the city of Guatemala”.

It was prepared in the Studies and Projects section of the Department of Tourism Planning, through the Tourist Geographic Information System -SIGTUR- of INGUAT.

In addition, the road axes of the city’s TransMetro system and their respective boarding stations of the Municipality of Guatemala were used as a basis, covering zones 1, 4, 9, 10, 13 and 14. This will allow national and foreign visitors make visits on your own, according to your particular interest.

Currently, the INGUAT team is working on the National Route of the Bicentennial, which seeks to contribute to the reactivation of tourism in a gradual way, offering visiting options to individuals or family groups.


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