April 18, 2024

The World Network of Religious Tourism Destinations was launched: an invitation to explore and connect

A unique initiative to promote religious and spiritual tourism globally

In an effort to unite and promote religious tourism destinations around the world, the Tourism and Society Think Tank with the collaboration of tourist destinations, institutions, researchers and religious institutions from around the world, has presented simultaneously in several destinations in the world world the World Network of Religious Tourism Destinations.

This pioneering initiative seeks to connect travelers, religious and spiritual tourism enthusiasts, and destinations around the world, fostering understanding and appreciation of diverse religious traditions and practices.

The main objective of the Network is to promote religious tourism as a means for intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and local economic development. Members will have access to a collaboration platform, marketing resources, and opportunities to participate in international events.

Antonio Santos, president of the Tourism and Society Think Tank, and Santiago Cano, CEO of the company specialized in Religious Tourism, Empresur, presented the Network through videoconference accompanied by leaders of this type of tourism and invited destinations, organizations and religious tourism enthusiasts to join this global network. Participation is open to all those interested in promoting and exploring the richness of religious and spiritual tourism.

At the next International Tourism Fair (FITUR), which will be held from January 24 to 28 in Madrid – Spain, the first meeting of destinations, companies and actors interested in participating in this international Network will be held, where leaders of the tourism sector, Representatives of different beliefs and religious tourist destinations will share their visions and experiences.

For more information on how to join the Global Network of Religious Tourism Destinations or to attend the launch event, please contact  religi_destin@tourismandsocietytt.com

Source : Santuario de Fatima

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