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The online service for the Tourist Registry in Quito began

The online service for the Tourist Registry in Quito began

As of this Thursday, October 5, the online service was enabled so that establishments that provide tourist services can immediately obtain their tourist registration, and approval of the tourism component to obtain the LUAE.

This new service becomes a reality after the publication, in April of this year, of Metropolitan Ordinance No. 054-2023; with which establishments that undergo a prior inspection in the tourist licensing processes, except bars, nightclubs and reception halls, starting this month will be able to do the process online with subsequent inspection, thus reducing the tourist licensing times of 46 days to 10 minutes, on average.
The establishments that can obtain this are: restaurants, cafes, mobile establishments, food courts, catering services, hotels, hostels, inns, tourist farms, lodges, resorts, refuges, tourist camps, guest houses, tourist service agencies, tourist transportation in all its forms, organizers of events, congresses and conventions, convention centers, bowling alleys, stable amusement parks, skating rink, hot springs, spas, tourist recreation centers, community tourist center of the Metropolitan District of Quito

How to do the process online?

Go to
Create an account
Go to: Tourist Registry (new) / Responsible declaration of compliance.
Review documentary and technical requirements; and, makes the responsible declaration of compliance.
Print tourist record.

Once these steps are completed, the system automatically responds to the municipal licensing platform for the granting of the Single License for the Exercise of Economic Activities (LUAE), a procedure that is carried out with the responsible declaration of compliance by the petitioner.

It is important to mention that 10 days are granted, counted from the entry of the LUAE procedure, for the interested party to finalize the responsible declaration of compliance. The inspection to verify the execution of tourism regulations occurs after the issuance of the Tourist Registry and the LUAE.

Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to sanctions and revocation of the operating permit.

Benefits of having the Tourist Registry:

Having the Tourist Registry and LUAE allows the establishment to be legally authorized to carry out its registered tourist economic activity, in accordance with the provisions of current national and metropolitan regulations.
Get free training, courses, talks and workshops for you and your collaborators.
Obtain updated information on routes, routes and itineraries to visit the attractions of Quito.
Have advertising material for the tourist activities and experiences that Quito has.
Participate in fairs, congresses and tourism promotion events, organized by Quito Tourism.
Be part of the digital tourist maps of Quito.
Learn first-hand about the updates to the regulations that govern tourist activities.
Other benefits related to the promotion of your establishment and the Quito destination.

Please note that online tourist registration can be carried out by all establishments, except bars, nightclubs, reception and banquet halls, for which the previous process is maintained.

Source: Quito Turismo


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