April 13, 2024
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The Iberia Group doubled its customers this Christmas

From December 22 to January 9, Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum operated about 5,700 flights, almost 75 percent more than in 2020

The Iberia Group has closed the Christmas campaign that began on December 22 and ended on January 10 with very positive results: between Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional / Air Nostrum, 5,700 flights operated almost 75 percent more than in 2020.

One of the big bets has been the Canary Islands, where Iberia Express has scheduled 180,000 seats for this period, 4 percent more capacity than even before the pandemic.

Between the three airlines they have also added about 1.2 million customers in these two weeks compared to 478,000 in 2020; which means almost tripling the figure for Christmas 2020/2021

Maximum punctuality and regularity
In addition, throughout the Christmas operation, Iberia has maintained a high regularity rate of 99.4 percent, which means that there have hardly been any cancellations (none for Covid reasons); and also punctuality, with an average of 93.5 percent of flights per hour, which has positioned it during this period as the most punctual network airline in Europe and the third in the world, according to FlightStats.

Among others, the company has used the flexibility of the ERTEs to disengage all the workers who have been necessary at all times. Specifically, it began December 2021 with 17 percent of its flight staff (TCP and pilots) in the ERTE and ended with only 4 percent of its staff.

To this has been added that, both in December and January, Iberia has reinforced the staff dedicated to incidents and that, throughout the pandemic, it has decided to maintain the qualifications of its crew with refresher courses, to be able to incorporate them into the programming in as much as necessary.

3.1 million passengers served by Iberia Airport Services Iberia
‘s handling business, which this year faces the challenge of renewing its license at Spanish airports, has also closed the Christmas campaign with excellent results: in total, It has served nearly 11,200 flights and 3.1 million passengers – triple the number at Christmas 2020/2021 – and which includes those of the Iberia Group and those of all the companies it provides its services to in Spain.

To offer the best service to all its clients, Iberia Airport Services has also disengaged from the ERTE all its workers at 19 Spanish airports and, in addition, hired nearly 1,000 workers from its usual stock of casualties, especially in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Tenerife.

Recognition of its employees
All this in an environment complicated by the new Omicrom variant of COVID 19 which, as has happened in all sectors, has significantly increased sick leave.

For this reason, the company wants to thank its employees for the commitment, dedication and professionalism that they have once again demonstrated to carry out the entire Christmas operation, and so that millions of clients have been able to reconnect with their families and enjoy some days off.


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