December 8, 2023

The Hotel Don Pepe Gran Meliá begins ‘Picasso at the table’, a culinary journey through art

On the occasion of Picasso Year, an international milestone that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the death of the artist from Malaga, the initiative was born to vindicate his role as an ambassador of Spanish gastronomy and culture at an international level

Throughout history, art and gastronomy have been deeply linked to each other. In fact, many of the dishes we eat today are the result of the legacy of painters and artists, who have managed to immortalize them with their work. Under this premise, the Hotel Don Pepe Gran Meliá has kicked off ‘Gastronomy is Art’, an innovative proposal from Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts, created to pay tribute to the importance that the plastic arts have had on
the time to maintain our culinary customs over time.

Nowadays, when we talk about gastronomy, it is no longer just about eating. Each bite carries a story that, properly told, adds solid value to the dish, being the result of the set of cooking techniques learned and the knowledge of the environment where the raw materials are obtained.

It is also a symbol of certain communities as an identity element of each culture. Due to the combination of processes and skills needed to develop it, gastronomy, without a doubt, is also art. This is how ‘Gastronomy is Art’ was born, a new concept that will take shape for the first time in the ERRE & Urrechu restaurant of the Hotel Don Pepe Gran Meliá with the gastronomic proposal ‘Picasso at the table’, only available for a limited time from the 1st of June until November 30. With a price of 70 euros (pairing apart), the diner will travel through the work and life of the artist through the palate. And it is that, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his death, 2023 has been declared Picasso Year, a milestone marked by a multitude of exhibitions, events and
initiatives of all kinds that, from New York to Malaga passing through Paris, intend to honor the life and work of the artist from Malaga.

The relationship between Picasso and gastronomy is palpable throughout his work as a painter and a fan of poetry. The artist often represented the kitchen space, bastion of memories, sometimes somewhat blurred, of his childhood in Malaga. Through signs such as plates, caged birds, the flower-woman, chairs or tables, he represents in his
particular way those moments that bring him closer to his land, to the origin of everything and to the beginnings of his well-known passion for food.

From the hand of the grill master Íñigo Urrechu, ‘Picasso at the table’ is a culinary and anachronistic journey through the different stages that mark Picasso’s artistic career. Thus, this singular gastronomic proposal begins with an emulsified sea bass and spherical olive tartare in honor of its stage known as the blue period, followed by silky lobster gazpacho with fresh vegetables, which symbolizes the pink stage, a moment of transition marked by tones soft and cheerful. It is followed by a Tellagorri cod, an updated, creamy and flavorful classic that refers to the Vallauris stage, the last of the artist’s life, in which he devoted himself almost entirely to ceramics and sculpture. The main course features a free-range rooster stewed with scampi and scallops, an unexpected bite that combines flavors of the countryside and the sea,

The final touch will be a canvas of vanilla and osmotic pear with biscuit-siphon oil, a unique dessert as is the legacy of the artist from Malaga, the highest representative of Cubism inside and outside our borders, and co-creator of the movement together with Georges Braque. . Precisely this dessert alludes to his cubist stage, the culmination of his work, which marked a turning point in the history of painting, when there was a break with traditional Renaissance perspective.

Source: Gran Meliá Hotels & Resort

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