October 1, 2023
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Successful participation of Puerto Vallarta in the Delta Vacations University 2022

As part of the actions to promote this tourist destination, during the event there was a relationship with more than 1,000 US travel agents

The Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Advertising of Puerto Vallarta, firmly continues its commitment to promote this important tourist destination in national and international markets, on this occasion during the Delta Vacations University 2022 event that took place at the Georgia World Congress Center.

With the aim of boosting sales during the fall-winter season, which promises historic results, Puerto Vallarta participated in this important international event, which returned after a pause after the Covid 19 pandemic.

During this meeting, Puerto Vallarta was one of the main protagonists, having an approach with more than 1,000 travel agents, who learned about and were updated on the benefits and news of the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific through a networking format.

Within the talks with the specialists, they talked about the next gastronomic, sports and cultural events that Puerto Vallarta will have, as well as the more than 50 outdoor activities in contact with nature, the diversity of restaurants with the more than 30 different national and international cuisines, the expansion of the city’s International Airport, among many more developments in this regard.

During the exchanges with the travel consultants, they shared that sales to Puerto Vallarta are increasing and with great dynamism, many of them have family and social groups confirmed for the next fall-winter season; and they were very interested in learning more about recommendations for tours and activities to do in the destination during their stay.

It is important to note that commercial ties continue to be strengthened between Puerto Vallarta and Delta Vacations, an outstanding partner for the destination, with whom, in addition to participating in promotional events, different marketing campaigns are carried out to complement actions and boost sales. towards the destination.

Delta’s BDMs on this occasion were in charge of giving “classes” to travel agents on destinations, and Puerto Vallarta was part of these actions.

Delta Airlines is one of the most important airlines in the United States, without forgetting its important alliance with Aeroméxico, part of Sky Team. Puerto Vallarta currently has direct flights from Minneapolis, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, JFK, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Working together with Delta Airlines benefits from having excellent connectivity to Puerto Vallarta with more than 180 monthly flights from these hubs in the different regions of the American Union.

Some of the suppliers and allies that participated in this event are: Meliá Hotels International, Hotel Barceló, Buenaventura Hotels, Grupo Hotelero Santa Fé, Velas Resorts, Tafer Resorts, Villa Group, Hilton Hotels and its official DMC Trafic Tours, to name a few.

Puerto Vallarta is preparing to have a successful fall-winter season, which will undoubtedly exceed the figures recorded in past years, even before the pandemic, to continue positioning itself as one of the preferred destinations for national and international travelers.

Source: Fideicomiso de Turismo Puerto Vallarta

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