July 12, 2024
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Responsible and gastronomic tourism the great protagonists of Travel Pop Up Yucatán

Travel promoters agree on betting on responsibility as promoters and prescribers not only of destinations, but also of sustainable behavior

Over the recent weekend, Yucatan hosted the 3rd edition of Travel Pop Up, a meeting for reflection on the creation of tourism content in an innovative and sustainable way, said project originating in Spain and the creativity of Diana Rodríguez Oliveros , chose the State of Yucatán as the venue for this edition because the Secretariat for Tourism Development (Sefotur) together with other state agencies have worked to focus their objectives on sustainability and sustainability, caring for ecosystems, seeking that their products or services benefit the communities, respecting their history and traditions.

This event, once again, positions the destination as one of the best in Mexico for holding events of great international importance, as was the Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize winners and the Mexico City Tianguis in recent years.

From the Great Museum of the Mayan World in the state capital and with the participation of the head of Sefotur, Michelle Fridman Hirsch as moderator, the activities of the Travel Pop Up began with the discussion panel “Gastronomy as an engine of development tourism” where great exponents of Yucatecan gastronomy such as Rosalía Chay Chuc, traditional cook from the Yaxunah community and the chefs, Regina Escalante from Merci restaurant and Vidal Elías from Micaela Mar y Leña, talked about their experiences about what gastronomic tourism and the benefits it provides to the value chain on which they rely.

Agreeing that the ingredients, preparation and Yucatecan traditions from the Mayan culture are undoubtedly the basis of all the gastronomic experiences that distinguish this State, highlighting that the search for flavors has made Yucatan a natural attraction for tourists . “The gastronomic tourist does not only consume a product: he consumes a story,” said Fridman Hirsch.

Likewise, the head of Sefotur highlighted that the 4 elements that make Yucatan the ideal destination for the practice of gastrotourism are its ancient heritage, its quality endemic ingredients, the technique and talent of those who execute gastronomy and its tourist and culinary offer. .

Let us remember that 2022 has been designated as the Year of Yucatecan Gastronomy and to complement this strategy, the concentration of experiences that will make up the 365 flavors of Yucatan campaign is currently being carried out, which will begin on June 18, on the International Day of Sustainable Gastronomy.

One of the data to highlight is that gastronomic tourism is part of a search for and assessment of the true identity of each region, with 88.2% of the people surveyed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) considering that gastronomy is part essence of the destination brand.

Continuing with the activities of this meeting, Vicente Ferreyra, a specialist in sustainable tourism, was presented, widely recognized in Mexico and Latin America for being the founder of Sustentur, a social enterprise that advises the tourism sector to be economically fair, environmentally responsible and, above all, socially inclusive. who presented the conference “Regenerate through tourism, trend or need?”

During his participation, he highlighted that what currently leads to consider tourism as regenerative or sustainable or sustainable and socially responsible, is the need to make a tourism label, to demonstrate it – we see tourism more as a means than as an end. The tourism industry needs to work on a tourism that serves, from destinations, companies and service providers and has to serve to identify what its role is on the planet, applying new models of doing tourism and how tourism can serve to regenerate the sightseeing.

Ferreyra added that we are currently in a global environmental crisis and there are many environmental impacts that could be regenerated through tourism, among which he mentioned the restoration of ecosystems, reforestation and carrying out processes that allow a little reversal of the damage that has been done.

During the second day of activities, Ana Hernández, creator of the Youtube travel channel ‘Azul Místico’, presented the paper “Your personal brand: your values”, emphasizing the importance of being responsible, true to yourself and to your purpose when choosing which brands to monetize and establish a business relationship with.

Likewise, the former Olympic and Yucatecan diver, Rommel Pacheco, together with his wife, the content creator Lylo Fa, gave a special conference called “Increasingly sustainable and inclusive sports tourism” where they exposed the importance of sports competitions as a claim for the tourism.
“Sports tourism can and does have a very positive impact on the economy of destinations, a good example of which is that it becomes a generator of employment.” – Pacheco pointed out

Photography is an essential element for the tourism promotion of any destination That is why, as part of the Travel Pop Up activities, recognized state photographers participated, who have seduced travelers through their images.

Moderated by the Undersecretary of Promotion and Market Intelligence of Sefotur Yucatán, Mtro. Miguel Andrés Hernández, Nelly Quijano, underwater photographer in the cenotes of Yucatán; Mike Díaz, nature photographer, and travel photographers Gustavo Moguel and Oliver Vegas, offered the panel “Photography in social networks, a key component in the promotion of responsible tourism”

Throughout this panel, the specialists concluded that taking photographs that reach millions of people and generating content makes them not only promoters of tourism, but also responsible for the creation of a collective memory, which requires passion, flow management and of the generation of an eco-responsible, regenerative culture that does not threaten the natural or historical heritage of the destinations that are visited. Focusing a large part of the debate on the responsibility they have to capture with their cameras the critical situation that the Planet is going through to make it known. However, they also wanted to stress that in order to do this work in an even more effective way, it would be essential to professionalize influencer marketing.

During the fun “face to face” between the Spanish tiktokers @GemelosViajeros and the Mexican Fredy Vizcaino from @Vive.México, they made space to talk about responsibility when generating content, with the Mexican Fredy Vizcaino who emphasized the importance of define a purpose when communicating through social networks, pointing out that for him the purpose is to make known all the benefits of Mexico as a tourist destination, as well as to give voice to those compatriots who need it.

For their part, Ana Rellán and Albert Roma from Zapatillas por el Mundo during their presentation “Contents vs Likes” highlighted that openness, sincerity and being faithful to their own style is one of their hallmarks, which have made them a benchmark in time to seek inspiration and information when organizing a trip, being a clear example that you can create travel content professionally and independently without giving up your values.

For their part, Erik Moreno and Daniel Vergel from the YouTube channel ‘A couple of trips’ wanted to highlight the importance of trips with a purpose. These two Colombians have built a large community interested in following their volunteer trips around the world that they carry out thanks to Worldpackers, which has social and eco-tourism projects that “touch their hearts.”

Finally, the Mexican youtuber Alan Estrada was in charge of closing the first international edition of Travel Pop Up Yucatán with his presentation “The power of travel” and the enterprise declared that the perfect balance must be found between the trip and sustainability.
“Tourism makes us feel proud of our place of origin,” said Alan Estrada before a dedicated audience that applauded each and every one of the 10 life lessons that, according to him, he learned traveling. One after another, the youtuber was breaking down quotes that made clear the power of going out to discover the world and how “travel has that wonderful magic of being aware of the ‘here and now'”

Without a doubt, Travel Pop Up makes it clear that professional travelers and content generators are aware of the impact they have through their social networks and communication channels, generating quality content and doing responsible tourism.


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