July 12, 2024
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Quark Expeditions Launches the “Greenland Camp Experience”

Quark Expeditions has expanded its overnight camping opportunities for guests in Greenland as part of this season’s portfolio of immersive experiences.

“Camping overnight in the polar regions has long captured the imaginations of our guests,” said Thomas Lennartz, VP of sales for Quark Expeditions. “We launched our first camping options in Antarctica, where guests could bed down for the night while gazing up at the indigo glow of an Antarctic night. ‘Antarctic Camping’ has been such a huge success that we’re launching this season a new option for camping enthusiasts in the Arctic: The ‘Greenland Camp Experience’ along the Tasermiut Fjord in South Greenland.”

Lennartz added that the “Greenland Camp Experience” adventure option is available to guests who book the new itinerary, “Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air.” “Overnight camping in South Greenland is by no means roughing it in the wild,” he said. “For starters, guests will travel on the technologically advanced Ultramarine—which is equipped with two twin-engine helicopters and superb onboard amenities—and they’ll have the opportunity to join local Greenlandic hosts at one of the most exclusive camps in Greenland, located along the 70-kilometer Tasermiut Fjord. Comfort and fine food, provided by a local chef, will be part of the camping experience—which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.”

As part of the “Antarctic Camping” option, guests are transported ashore by Zodiac to camp out on the snow. The overnight camping experience in Antarctica is limited to 50 participants. Prior to settling down for the night, Quark Expeditions staff will prepare the site, including setting up a perimeter in safe, flat to gently sloping and beautiful site. Guests can choose where (within the perimeters) they wish to settle down for the night in their ready-to-roll bivy sack (tents can be used upon request). Once camp is set up, guests can enjoy the peace of the polar landscape as the night unfolds. “Antarctic Camping” is available on select voyages at an extra cost.

Guests who book “Greenland Adventure: Explore By Sea, Land and Air,” offered on Ultramarine, can sign up for the overnight “Greenland Camp Experience.” They can join local hosts along the Tasermiut Fjord. Participants will have ample time, in intimate groups, to walk through the landscapes and remote fjords of South Greenland, roam the tundra with a local chef who will showcase local ingredients in a meal. Guests can enjoy the colors of the polar twilight in mountainous surroundings. The experience is available for an additional fee.

Source : Travel Agent Central

Heli-trekking (Photo by Hugo Perrin, Quark Expeditions)

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