July 12, 2024
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Passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean closed 2022 reaching pre-pandemic levels

The December 2022 Traffic Report showed that the Latin American and Caribbean region transported the highest number of passengers in the year with a total of 32.3 million

In 2022, December was the month in which the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region transported the highest number of passengers with a total of 32.3 million, a figure that corresponds to 99.9% of passengers compared to the same month of December. 2019 and represents an advance compared to the immediately previous month when the region reached 97% of its 2019 levels.

Besides. LAC remained the world region with the greatest recovery, surpassing North America, which reached 92% of its 2019 levels, the Middle East with 95%, Europe 83%, Africa with 90%, and Southeast Asia with 78%.

This is the second time that the region has reached its pre-pandemic levels, since in September 2022 the region reached 101% of its 2019 levels. On the other hand, last year nearly 330.5 million passengers were transported in the region and, in the accumulated, the region consolidated at 9% below its 2019 levels.

Regarding international passenger traffic, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico continue to stand out with very positive growth rates: 17%, 14% and 6%, respectively. For their part, Brazil, Chile and Argentina experienced a slowdown compared to the immediately previous month, reaching 78%, 84% and 71% respectively. In November, Peru reached 71% of its 2019 levels.
Domestic transport, on the other hand, has recovered more quickly. In this area, Colombia and Mexico lead the way in the region. In December Colombia grew 12% and Mexico 15% above their pre-pandemic levels. Argentina was positioned with 96%, Brazil 87% and Chile 89% of its 2019 levels. Similarly, and according to the data from November 2022, Peru showed a slowdown reaching a domestic recovery of 94%.

Throughout 2022, Mexico transported 106.9 million domestic passengers (+5% compared to 2019), Colombia transported 47.9 million domestic passengers (+16%), the Dominican Republic 15.5 million (+8%), Brazil 97.6 million (81.9%), Chile 20.3 million (78%) and Argentina 21.5 million (70.5%).

Regional domestic traffic grew 1.2% above its 2019 levels, extra-LAC international traffic grew 0.8%, while intra-LAC has been recovering more slowly, reaching 7.4% below its levels. of 2019.

High costs
Air transport uses local inputs, impacted by inflation in each country. Fuel maintains historically high prices. On January 23, 2023, the price of jet fuel was 183% above its January 2021 levels.

The differential between the price of a barrel of oil and fuel has increased, while in January 2021 the price of jet fuel was 14% higher than that of oil, today that price differential is 49%. Currently, fuel is equivalent to 50% of the cost structure of an airline compared to Q1 2022 where it was equivalent to 36% and the increase has been such that a year earlier it represented 20% of operational costs.

Source : Alta

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