December 8, 2023

Paradisus by Meliá and its commitment to Wellness for Cancer

The renowned luxury hotel brand has obtained certification for its YHI Spas, thus joining efforts to provide well-being to all people who have suffered or are suffering from this disease

Paradisus by Meliá remains at the forefront by offering holistic wellness experiences. On this occasion, we ratify the action that has been taken this year by joining the great global organization of Wellness For Cancer and its certification program for spa centers around the world.

One of the fundamental pillars of the Paradisus by Meliá brand, in addition to being characterized by providing extraordinary life experiences and memorable moments for all types of visitors in the destinations where it is present, is to offer a stay full of well-being and enriching moments.

In keeping with this pillar, the hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic have gyms and fitness centers open 24 hours a day, wellness programs for groups of all ages and its renowned YHI Spa, a unique place capable of transmitting the peace and calm that all travelers seek.

YHI Spa is the place for the revitalization of the body and mind within Paradisus by Meliá. A multi-sensory journey of well-being and care to reconnect with your interior through holistic therapies that include ancestral rituals, massages, body treatments and facials. YHI Spa has air-conditioned cabins, a hydrothermal circuit, sauna, steam bath and a space with healthy drinks, juices and infusions, a wellness paradise to satisfy every visitor.

YHI Spa wants to be a safe relaxation space for everyone, which is why all its therapists have been trained to obtain certification from the important Wellness For Cancer world organization, thus accrediting its staff and facilities to offer personalized services to people who have or have had cancer.

That is why we want to reaffirm this certification and commitment that we have as a brand to all our guests who are looking for a unique and holistic experience that improves their quality of life, in this important month to raise awareness and care for people who have had a medical condition. as sensitive as breast cancer.

Precisely in the face of the rise in cancer cases in recent years, the Wellness for Cancer organization is committed to preparing spas and beauty centers not only to raise awareness, but to know how to treat people who have suffered or are suffering from cancer, facilitating self-care and, above all, offering better lifestyle options for those affected.

Treatments such as massage and restorative therapies that relieve stress, anxiety and other disorders can be very useful for diagnosed patients, as well as for people seeking balance. In this sense, offering vacations that truly provide comfort for the body and mind in natural environments becomes relevant for those seeking balance. That is why Paradisus by Meliá turns out to be the ideal destination and proves to be at the forefront of luxury treatments and experiences, to live a true wellness experience.

Source: Meliá Hotels International

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