July 12, 2024
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Panama presents a new hotel offer in Casco Antiguo

With an investment of 4 million dollars and 95% of bilingual Panamanian human talent, this proposal reaches the historic center with force

The Amarla Casco Antiguo hotel is a design brand (Amarla Design and Development), founder of Amarla Hotels, whose vision is focused on creating beautiful boutique hotels throughout all the historic districts of Latin America. It started in Cartagena 5 years ago with the Colombian jewel, Amarla Cartagena, which has 7 rooms.

Amarla started here in Panama in June 2017, since the founders of the brand, Robin Faulkner and Asher Montague-Warr fell in love with this beautiful country and all its cultural, natural, architectural and historical bounties, and in fact it took 5 years to complete. the restoration project of the entire hotel, which was completed in June 2022. “We chose Panama to develop this proposal and highlight its cultural potential, art and the country’s history.

Panama and specifically the Old Town of Panama has a special charm. Packed with history, color, intrigue, architecture and culture. In addition, it is located a few hours from beaches, mountains, and much more that the interior of the country offers, be it rest or adventure. At the investment level, Panama is a stable country with the use of the dollar giving a high level of economic confidence”, says María Antonieta Ramírez, General Manager.

This boutique hotel has four floors, six classic rooms, two loft suites (with two levels each), a terrace with a spectacular Jacuzzi and views of the colonial and restored roofs of the Old Town in contrast with fascinating views of the representative skyscrapers. of the most modern of Central American cities, a bar and a restaurant with signature cuisine and global gastronomy called Kaandela, where fire is the protagonist.

Welcome guests with an open heart. Serving with joy and creating meaningful and unforgettable experiences, that is Loving her.

Source: Larabel González

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