July 12, 2024

Palladium Cares, the identity that summarizes the global CSR commitment of the company

Palladium Hotel Group establishes three priority lines of work in the deployment of its CSR policy: People, Community and Planet

Palladium Hotel Group presents Palladium Cares, an identity that encompasses all of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects globally. Palladium Hotel Group thus proposes a comprehensive strategy that further reinforces its position as an agent of positive change in the society of which we are all a part, differentiating three verticals of strategic action with a marked social character, both internally and externally.

In the first place, the internal vertical of social responsibility – “OUR PEOPLE” – will integrate actions aimed at improving the lives of its nearly 13,000 employees; secondly, external social responsibility – “OUR COMMUNITY” – will work on the way forward for two large projects to be carried out in Europe and America with a truly positive impact on the communities where we operate, and lastly, external social responsibility environment – “OUR PLANET” – , a vertical that incorporates new measures and gives continuity to the existing ones.

According to Jesús Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group, “Palladium Cares was created with the aim of consolidating the company’s historical commitment to CSR, giving continuity to existing projects, reinforcing them and promoting new ones. We focus, first of all, on our internal team, to continue having a positive impact, in parallel, on our communities and the environment. We recognize in SOCIAL WORK an element that cultivates and strengthens our spirit and the bond with our collaborators”.

Throughout its more than 50 years of history, Palladium Hotel Group has been developing Corporate Social Responsibility actions in different areas and now, through the structure of the Initiative that encompasses Palladium Cares, it takes another step in this commitment. .

The team, “OUR PEOPLE”, the central axis of this strategic project.

This project aims to integrate various initiatives that will improve the lives of employees and their environment. To do this, the company has carried out a needs analysis, through extensive consultation with the employees themselves. 98 new initiatives have emerged from this process, which have already begun to be implemented, with the aim of improving the internal customer experience. Some of these measures include improvements in leisure and free time, welfare and accommodation and transfers of employees.

As a sign of the company’s commitment to these projects and implementation mechanism, CSR Cabinets have been created in each hotel -formed by senior management and new employees- who meet periodically with the CSR department of Palladium Hotel Group to analyze the current plan and implement constant improvements

“At Palladium Hotel Group we have a strong commitment to our employees. We are convinced that our people are the main asset of our company and we must demonstrate this by providing them with all the support and accompaniment they need, both in material aspects and in the follow-up and training of their careers”, says Gloria Juste, corporate director of Social Responsibility of Palladium Hotel Group, who leads this transversal area of ​​the company.

“OUR COMMUNITY, in support and recognition of the communities where we operate.

The company’s second focus of action will be the local communities. At the moment, it is worth highlighting two important projects that will be developed both in Europe and in America, and that are in line with the objective of supporting and contributing, as a company, a grain of sand that will have a positive impact on the destinations where the Palladium Hotel operates. Group, as a token of appreciation and pride to these communities.

In America, the group has begun its work working on the creation of Vocational Training Centers with the support of local public entities, with which training and professional training spaces will be developed. These activities will be implemented in the different destinations where the Palladium Hotel Group is present, starting now in Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica. These entities will facilitate access to the labor market for those people who carry out the proposed training programs, under the premise that the best social assistance is the worker.

In Europe, for its part, the “4 causes to act” project is launched, which will be carried out in four phases throughout the year and will focus on four specific causes: childhood, inequality, the planet and care for the environment. old man. This project will be articulated around a catalog of collaboration opportunities between each of the hotels that the group operates in Europe and the local NGOs selected for the project. The objective of “4 causes to act” is to generate synergies that maximize the impact of the initiatives in the areas of action identified.

“Through internal action plans we will improve the quality of life of our employees, while through the collaborative campaigns that we have designed with external entities, we will leave a positive mark in the communities in which we operate in each destination”, says Gloria Juste.

“OUR PLANET” responsibility with the planet, as an objective to protect people.

Throughout its historical journey as a company, Palladium Hotel Group has promoted various environmental protection measures, with which it has sought to minimize the effect of its tourist activity. Now, through Palladium Cares, the group will continue to reinforce these actions globally and will follow up on implementation audits in order to assess their effectiveness. This follow-up will make it possible to update a continuous improvement plan, in which several lines of action are highlighted: the action plan to continue with the reduction of plastics, the sustainable use of natural resources such as water, the reduction and correct management of waste , the protection of biodiversity, etc.

As a novelty, it is worth noting the implementation of several projects that the group is implementing, such as:

In Brazil, the Centro de Producción Agropecuaria, the agrotourism initiative where collaborators and clients will be able to broaden their environmental cultural vision of our regional public, offering courses on environmental education, meliponiculture and care of the planet and optimization of production.

In Jamaica, the Fish Sanctuary. A protected area consisting of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove wetlands that protect the food source, nesting sites, and marine life. Together with the Lucea Fishermen’s Association (LFA) and the UNWTO, the objective is to make fishermen aware of sustainability and the preservation of the ecosystem on which they depend.

More information on the CSR policy of Palladium Hotel Group:

Regarding the commitment to the internal partner, Palladium Hotel Group has the Top Employer certification -which the group has held for three years and which in 2022 was extended to all destinations in which the group is present: Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Jamaica.

As part of its commitment to the environment, the group supports a series of measures focused on three areas of action: the circular economy, with programs for the recovery, recycling and reuse of resources; the responsible use of resources, such as water or energy, where it should be noted that, currently, 100% of the group’s energy consumption in Europe and more than 55% in global terms comes from renewable sources; or the defense of biodiversity, where the group has protected areas for the rehabilitation, care and recovery of protected species -such as sea turtles or flamingos-, mangrove monitoring, coral impact studies or beach cleaning programs.

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