April 18, 2024
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October: Month of international cruises on the Ecuadorian coast

Different ships anchored in Manta, Puerto Bolívar and Guayaquil so that travelers know each of these locations

The first cruise season 2022-2023 began in October with the visit of five ships: the Mr. Fram, the Ms Roald Amundsen, the Ms. Fridjoft Nansen, the Scenic Eclipse, and the Seabourn Venture, which have arrived at Manta, to Isla de la Plata, to Puerto Bolívar and to Guayaquil. The boats are of different nationalities: Americans, Canadians, Dutch, and Germans, Chinese, Latin Americans, among others.

The Mr. Fram was the first ship that already toured the Ecuadorian coast this season. The cruise ship arrived in Manta on October 4 with 82 tourists and 97 crew members on board, coming from the prioritized markets for Ecuador. Its occupants disembarked and toured the different destinations in Manabí, including the Montecristi Archaeological Museum, Pacoche, Cerro Jaboncillo, the Ciudad Alfaro Civic Center and various attractions in the canton, while on the island of La Plata the travelers went trekking. The cruise headed for Puerto Bolívar, in the province of El Oro, where they also toured the city of Machala, visited the ruins of Yavicuñay and the Petrified Forest of Puyango, and then headed to Guayaquil where they visited attractions such as Parque Seminario, the Malecon 2000, Las Peñas,

For her part, the Ms Roald Amundsen arrived in Manta on October 11 with 115 cruise passengers and 157 crew members, and made routes similar to those mentioned above in the provinces of El Oro and Guayas, as did the Ms. Fridjoft Nansen who arrived at the port stay on October 12 with 91 passengers and 154 crew members and visited the same locations. While the Scenic Eclipse, from the Bahamas, arrived on October 18 with 62 passengers and 189 crew members, and made routes similar to the previous ones. Also from the Bahamas, the Seabourn Venture arrived in Manabí on October 21 with 152 passengers and 236 crew members, who upon its arrival visited fairs and tourist sites, generating tourist and commercial dynamism, to later go to Puerto Bolívar.

According to the schedule of the Manta Port Terminal and the Inchape Shipping Company, Ecuador plans to receive 30 cruise ships, including expedition cruises. From January to April of this year, eight ships with 1,491 cruise passengers and 2,521 crew members arrived at the Ports of Manta and Guayaquil.

More boats continue to arrive at our shores to the delight of tourists and the benefit of the entire value chain of this industry.

The National Government works tirelessly to strengthen the country’s connectivity and continue to make Ecuador a preferred destination for world travelers.

Source: Ministerio de Turismo de Ecuador

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