April 18, 2024
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MSC Cruises announces its 2023-2024 season in South America

The ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo will receive the MSC Musica, which will have 14 departures, and the MSC Lirica, with 13 scheduled departures from Buenos Aires, with itineraries of 7, 8, and 9 nights

MSC Cruises, a family company with a passion for the sea for several generations and experts in transforming cruise holidays into an unforgettable trip, presents the incredible itineraries for the 2023-2024 season. Argentina and Uruguay will have two ships, the MSC Musica and the MSC Lirica, making 27 departures from the ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Guests will have the possibility of enjoying 7, 8 and 9-night itineraries, which vary according to their route and departure date, making the offer even more attractive in terms of variety and duration. The tours visit incredible cities, ports and landscapes such as Punta del Este, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis, among others, which will make the experience an unforgettable trip.

Javier Massignani, Country Manager of MSC Cruises in Latin America said: “After the great success of the current 2022-2023 season, where guests chose our cruises as the most outstanding vacation proposal, we are proud to announce, 12 months before its start, the next summer season. The Argentine and Uruguayan market is one of the primary objectives in our strategic plan and this is demonstrated by the offer that MSC has presented, with a large number of ships and destinations”. He also added: “We are the leading company in the region and this is a reflection of the effort that we all make together, from the local MSC Cruises office to our Travel Agents, in each season and throughout the year.”

And he continues: “For this reason, we want to present you the great innovations that we have designed for the 2023-2024 season. Two wonderful ships will be offering 27 departures, embarking again in the ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo towards the best beaches of tropical Brazil, because our objective is to continue offering more and better alternatives to our guests, this is a challenge and a responsibility that we assume” .

“Other of the responsibilities that we consciously assume and respect is to preserve and protect the oceans and seas, which have always been at the heart of the Company. At MSC Cruises we have a long-standing commitment to stewardship of the environment and continually look for ways in which we can achieve further beneficial progress, both in our practices and with the introduction of innovative, effective and cutting-edge technologies to reduce the impact of our cruise operations, reduce the environmental footprint and all activities on land”, concludes Javier Massignani.

Source: MSC Cruceros

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