April 13, 2024
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Melia renews its pressed website for a new generation of travelers

Operational from today, the site is defined as “user-centric”, because it has been designed and tested by real users

In its permanent process of technological evolution and following its philosophy of anticipating customer expectations and consumption habits, Meliá Hotels International today launches its new website. Meliá.com is a strategic channel for the Company, which already receives approximately 50% of its reservations, both from end customers and professional groups (travel agents, companies and group organizers), and which seeks to promote three aspects that constitute a differential value in the face of the new reality of tourism in the post-pandemic:

  • Positioning: raising the positioning of the Group’s brands and hotels
  • Personalization and loyalty program, as key elements to differentiate
  • Experiences: showing a much more experiential vision of the hotels and destinations where the Company operates

This new generation website will come to light at a time when the trend of online reservations is favored by the acceleration in the digital transformation of society caused by the recent pandemic, and will provide consumers with much more transparency to through much richer and more accessible information. All the content on the website has been written by professional editors, providing it with more information and transparency, promoting the offer of superior experiences – in high demand at the moment – and offering the customer what they are looking for at all times.

For this more digital, more expert and demanding traveler, who seeks experiences and travels with a purpose, the proposal of the new state-of-the-art Melia.com website for the user-client includes:

  • Build a digital experience (almost) as complete and stimulating as the face-to-face one
  • Adapt to the “mobile first” reality of our customers (more than 65% of web traffic already comes from mobile devices)
  • Provide our brands and hotels with their own personality and with renewed graphic content
  • Create a “one to one” experience with customers, personalized according to their tastes and needs, applying an innovative real-time personalization system based on artificial intelligence

Increase the visibility of the benefits of the MeliáRewards program, allowing loyal customers to learn more and better about what they can do with their points, both at the time of travel and in their day-to-day
activities Make room for other services beyond the sale of a room , incorporating other offers from the hotels themselves, but also from the destinations that are part of the customer’s 360º experience when they travel.
Incorporate a new reservation process based on “attributes”, different from the traditional processes, where the comparison is easier and the user feels greater transparency and control, also facilitating upselling for customers who are looking for more premium products

According to Manuel Riego, Vice President of Marketing at Meliá Hotels International, “Today, our customers’ journey begins with their mobile, when they search for their hotel or destination, and for this reason it is essential to offer them comfort, trust, and advantages. differentials, from minute 1 of the reservation process. At Meliá we have been working in the digital area for more than 30 years, and I am convinced that this new Melia.com Next Generation will meet the expectations of our most demanding customers”.

The key is called “personalization”
With Melia.com “Next Generation”, the booking experience is easier and more user-friendly, simplifying processes and the flow of actions to help customers and facilitate decision-making at every step.

To do this, Meliá has used an avant-garde personalization algorithm, which makes it possible to make the most appropriate recommendations based on learning about our customers’ usage habits, also adapting browsing on our website to their tastes and expectations, making their searches more effective and efficient, and increasing their satisfaction with the results.

Starting today, the website is being put into operation in Spain and other European markets, testing its operation on a significant percentage of customers, estimating that it will be 100% operational at the beginning of next August.

Source: Meliá Hotels & Resorts

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