July 12, 2024
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Latin America will need 2,550 new planes in the next 20 years

It is also estimated that 38,000 new pilots and 38,000 technicians will be needed during the next 20 years in Latin America, which will represent service revenues of 13,000 million dollars in 2041

Latin America’s in-service fleet will nearly double from 1,450 aircraft currently in service to 2,850 in the next two decades. More than half of these aircraft will arrive in response to growing demand, while 45 percent will support the replacement of less fuel-efficient aircraft, significantly improving the region’s environmental footprint.
According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), the Latin American and Caribbean region will need 2,550 new passenger and cargo aircraft, of which 2,330 will be single-aisle and 220 will be single-aisle. wide body.
From 2002 to 2019, passenger traffic in Latin America has almost tripled and is expected to double in the next two decades, going from 0.44 annual trips per capita in 2019 to 0.86 annual trips per capita in 2041. Per capita travel rates in Argentina, Brazil and Chile will be even higher, doubling.
The growing trend of air travel is driven by the projected growth of the middle class and the evolution of airline business models, which make air travel more accessible. By 2041, the middle class is expected to reach 500 million people, which represents 67 percent of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused a four-year drop in passenger traffic, the region is expected to fully recover between 2023 and 2025. Passenger traffic flying from origin to destination (O&D) in Latin America, it will increase in the next 20 years by 3.7% per year, doubling in the next 20 years. Domestic traffic will grow at a higher rate, 4.0 percent per year, while intra-Latin America and the Caribbean traffic will grow 3.2 percent.
To fly this growing fleet, it is anticipated that 38,000 new pilots and 38,000 technicians will need to be trained over the next 20 years in Latin America, representing $13 billion in service revenue in 2041.
Airbus has sold more than 1,150 aircraft and has an order book of almost 500 aircraft and more than 700 in operation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, representing almost 60 percent of the market share of the in-service fleet. Since 1994, Airbus has secured approximately 70 per cent of net orders in the region.

Source: Twitter @iata

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