October 1, 2023
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La Antigua has been selected by the IDB to become a smart destination

The Guatemalan city is one of the 10 chosen by the Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced that it selected La Antigua Guatemala as one of the 10 destinations that will be part of the Future Tourism program, through which the international financial organization will provide technical support to support and improve tourist experiences. The project will provide a methodological framework and specific roadmaps to consolidate La Antigua Guatemala as a Smart Tourism Destination (DTI).

The initiative will be launched by the City Council of La Antigua Guatemala and the Guatemalan Chamber of Tourism. Among the benefits that this project will seek to provide is to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the tourism sector, through a diagnosis and an investment action plan to incorporate technological and digital innovations that contribute to the recovery of tourism.

Future Tourism has USD $1.5 million non-reimbursable for technical cooperation, resources that are provided by the General Cooperation Fund of Spain in the IDB, for the 10 destinations selected in the 2022 edition: Córdoba (Argentina); Fortaleza (Brazil); Puerto Varas (Chile); Galapagos Islands (Ecuador); Quito, Ecuador); Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala); Cancun, Mexico); Montevideo, Uruguay); Arequipa, Peru); Bogota Colombia).

Rolando Schweikert, president of the Guatemalan Chamber of Tourism commented: “As a leading entity in the private tourism sector in Guatemala, we are extremely pleased to have collaborated with the City Council of La Antigua Guatemala in structuring the winning proposal and to be co-leaders in the implementation. of the actions that we must develop together. We urge the private tourist sector of the town to be aware of the actions that we will be executing within the framework of this important project”.

Nancy Mejía, Executive Director of the Guatemalan Chamber of Tourism, commented that “destinations were selected based on several criteria, among which the following stand out: the quality and scope of the analyzes presented on the current challenges of the destination; the strength of the team designated to accompany the technical assistance and the details of the actions planned to use the products resulting from this technical assistance, included in a letter signed by public and private actors of the tourism sector with representation in each destination.

Source: INGUAT

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