February 22, 2024
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Hotel Viñas Queirolo, the jewel of wine tourism, with luxury experiences and hospitality in the Ica region in Peru

The Hotel Viñas Queirolo, after receiving the 5-star category, has established itself as the main destination for lovers of wine tourism and luxury

This five-star oasis, close to the majestic Andes Mountains, stands out within the renowned Santiago Queirolo Winery, whose piscos and wines are among the most appreciated and recognized in Peru. The hotel has become a destination both for tourists traveling as a couple or family, and for companies that organize corporate events or incentive trips.

José Antonio Bellina, Commercial Manager comments “We have been growing since our opening in 2011, we went from 20 to 93 rooms, providing new experiences to our guests with personalized service and high quality standards. This growth is due to the great reception we have had from both national and foreign clients. After the expansion at the beginning of 2019 where we included our museums and other facilities, we have recently received the 5-star category. “We are very proud of our hotel, its collaborators and of belonging to an important business group such as Santiago Queirolo.”

Unmatched experiences

Travelers who arrive at Hotel Viñas Queirolo have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and passion of the Queirolo family, which runs one of the oldest and most recognized wineries in Peru. Through guided excursions, paired tastings and exploration of the winery, guests can learn up close the winemaking tradition that has given rise to the prestigious Intipalka wines and piscos from the Santiago Queirolo winery. You will also discover one of the main museums of antique cars in Peru, which contains an exhibition of 45 cars and you can enter the world of Peruvian Paso Horses, which have their origin in Andalusian horses, visiting the museum of gait horse saddles and accessories.

Five-star luxury and relaxation

This magnificent five-star hotel is located in a privileged environment, close to the majestic Andes Mountains. It offers 93 rooms, a heated pool, outdoor games, tennis court, gym, 2 bars (Intipalka and Queirolo), and an events area to hold both social and corporate events.

Innovative gastronomic proposal

“El Intipalka” Restaurant is an epicenter of high gastronomic quality that fuses international and regional food. This restaurant has been nominated among the three best in the Ica region and offers star dishes that reflect the culinary richness of the place and are paired with some of the wines made in the winery. Diners can enjoy dishes such as Menestrón Don Santiago, Picante de Pallares, Lomo Saltado in Pisco Aromas, Flambéed Prawns with Risotto from my Land or Asado Criollo in its Juice with Ricotta Ravioli.

A versatile destination for special events and incentive trips

In addition to being a paradise for wine tourism and relaxation, the Hotel Viñas Queirolo is the ideal place for organizing social events, incentive trips, strategic planning meetings and product launches. Its first-class facilities and natural surroundings make it a versatile and unique destination for any special event.

Attractions of the Ica Region to discover

The Viñas Queirolo Hotel is strategically located near prominent tourist attractions in the Ica region. Among them are the famous Nazca Lines, an archaeological site that features impressive geoglyphs visible from the air. You can also explore the Ballestas Islands in the Paracas National Reserve, a habitat for migratory birds and marine life, such as the charismatic sea lions. At the La Huacachina oasis, visitors can enjoy exciting adventure activities such as sandboarding and buggy rides.

The wine tradition of Santiago Queirolo: a legacy of passion and quality

The story of Santiago Queirolo is a testimony of dedication, quality and a deep connection with the land and tradition, becoming a journey through time that is intertwined with the rich wine tradition of Peru. Founded in 1880 by the Queirolo family, who emigrated from Italy and settled in the historic district of Pueblo Libre in Lima, this winery has become an icon of the production of high-quality wines and piscos in the country.

The pioneer behind this tradition was Don Santiago Queirolo Raggio, who began making wines and piscos for his own enjoyment in 1877. His passion for viticulture laid the foundations for what is today one of the most prominent families in the world of wine in Peru.

In 2003, the third generation of the Queirolo family took a bold step by acquiring land in the Ica Valley, a territory famous for its winemaking potential, to develop the high-quality wine known as Intipalka.

In 2008, Santiago Queirolo opened its doors to visitors from all over the world, offering tours to the winery and vineyards to spread the richness of wine and pisco culture, and in 2010 the winery took a strategic step by creating Enotours Perú, a company dedicated to disseminating, teaching and offering wine tourism experiences in the region. Following this vision of sharing the passion for wine and pisco, Hotel Viñas Queirolo opened its doors in 2011, establishing itself in a vineyard of more than 700 hectares in the sunny Ica valley, where the grapes that give life to the wines are grown. acclaimed Intipalka wines.

The vineyards are majestically located next to the Andes Mountains, more than 500 meters above sea level and more than 60 kilometers from the coast. This unique environment, with a desert climate and magnesium-rich soils, has proven to be perfect for the ripening and flowering of a variety of grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Syrah, Tannat, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Quebranta .

Source: Comunicación Abanza



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