June 13, 2024
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G’day, the short film (2022) | Official Film | Tourism Australia

G’day Aussie Specialists,

We are very excited to be sharing with you details of our new global campaign which began rolling out this week. Our new campaign, Come and Say G’day is unmistakably Australian and is set to remind the world why there truly is nothing like Australia.

From the stunning world-class natural beauty of the landscapes and wildlife to vibrant modern cities and the deliciously diverse food and drink offering that only Australia has to offer. Of course, the key element that brings our tourism experiences together are our warm and friendly people, who are ready to welcome back the world for their next holiday.

Ruby the Kangaroo
Our new Brand Ambassador Ruby, who is voiced by Australian actress Rose Byrne, is at the heart of this campaign and in extending the warm Australian welcome to the world to ‘Come and Say G’Day’.
Ruby, along with Australian iconic destinations and experiences, talent and music, will appear in campaign materials including our broadcast ad, print, social and digital creative, including 3D billboards and high-impact out of home placements.

‘G’Day’ Short Film
A feature of the campaign is a live-action short film – G’Day – starring Ruby alongside other CGI animated characters including Louie the toy unicorn, who is voiced by Canadian-American actor Will Arnett. Together Ruby and Louie share an extraordinary journey as they make their way across Australia experiencing some of our most iconic tourism destinations as well as experiences that may surprise and delight.

One of the highlights of the film – and the campaign – are the stories and culture of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Check out the live-action short film, G’Day, here!

Aussie Specialist Training Course
For our Aussie Specialists you will get to follow Ruby’s journey in our newest ‘Come and Say G’day’ training course, so you and your customers can feel inspired to choose Australia for that next holiday. Complete the ‘Introduction to Australia’ curriculum, ‘Come and Say G’day’ training course, watch the short film ‘G’day’ on Australia’s YouTube channel, and complete the ‘Come and Say G’day’ quiz by November 30, 2022, for your chance to win a spot on a Spring 2023 fam trip to Australia!

Find out further information and how to get involved here.
Please also join us on November 10 at 1PM PST for a special ‘Come and Say G’day’ webinar. Register for the webinar here!

As a valued Aussie Specialist, we thank you for your ongoing participation in the program and commitment to being Australian travel experts.

We especially look forward to your support as we get ready to welcome the world to ‘Come and Say G’day’.


Aussie Specialist Team
Tourism Australia

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