October 1, 2023
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El Salvador, the country of great tours

El Salvador is surf, beach, volcanoes, nature, archeology, gastronomy and an amazing cultural wealth. All in just one shot!

El Salvador is an emerging world tourist destination. Its wide range of natural attractions and activities makes it a country where all visitors will have something to be surprised with during their stay.

The country, which after the global confinement derived from Covid-19 became one of the most visited in Central America, is now among the fifteen countries that have already recovered and exceeded the levels of income from tourism compared to 2019, according to a report published this friday by the World Tourism Organization. Read on to learn more about this wonderful country in Central America.

The Conquer of the Ring of Fire
If you like outdoor walks or exploring volcanoes from their base to the top, it’s time to get to know the mountains and mountain ranges that bathe the Salvadoran horizon as if they were waves. The so-called Ring of Fire offers challenges of varying difficulty. Whether you are looking for quiet or extreme stretches, you have many options to choose from.

El Boquerón, located on the San Salvador volcano, is ideal if you want to take a tour surrounded by nature. Its wealth of vegetation and an impressive view of the crater, make it a hike suitable for people of all ages.

For more intense challenges, the Ilamatepec and Izalco volcanoes, both accessible from the Volcano Complex, are the next stop. Those who reach the top of Ilamatepec are rewarded with the colorful spectacle of the crater lagoon. On the other hand, the iconic Izalco volcano, with its sand floor, is a major challenge reserved for those who seek to measure their physical condition.

The sound of heights
For those seeking to live with nature in a cooler climate, the north of El Salvador offers several destinations that are also perfect for traveling with family or as a couple. Two places near San Ignacio stand out for their beauty: El Pital and Miramundo. Although these two hills are close to each other, they offer different attractions.

You can camp outdoors on the top of El Pital, watch the clouds pass around you and live an unforgettable adventure under the stars. In Miramundo, a series of hostels and hotels will welcome you to spend a night surrounded by pine trees and the aroma of nature. Pay attention to the sound of the wind touching the tops of the trees: close your eyes and you will discover the sound of the “waves” of the mountain.

Waves of flavor
To discover the typical flavors of El Salvador, you have to start start by trying the traditional pupusas, a corn dough filled with some delicious ingredient. There are shrimp, bacon, jalapeño and many more combinations, it all depends of the custom of each place. Other typical dishes that you cannot miss are riguas (a sort of tortilla made from tender corn), fried yucca, tamales, atol shuco (a hot drink made from fermented corn), meat cakes, empanadas filled with beans or milk, among many others.

El Salvador is also well known for the abundance of seafood-based food. Ceviches, octopus or shrimp in all their presentations, broths, shellfish, oysters… The variety, as well as the ingenuity of their preparations, are really surprising. The best part is that sea cymbals are found in almost every region of the country, regardless of proximity to the coast.

Live the night
In El Salvador you will find accommodation for all types of plans and budgets, going from international chains to local establishments. Whichever region you choose, there are lodging options whose experiences will make you want to extend your stay. Many of the hotels offer activities in nearby attractions, as well as bars, nightclubs and even guided tours to other destinations in the country.

El Salvador has also a great and exclusive air connectivity. You can travel to other destinations from there with Volaris. If you are looking for a different, exciting and unexpected trip, do not hesitate, El Salvador is waiting for you.

El Salvador International Airport has direct flights from more than 20 destinations around the world.


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