April 13, 2024

Costa Rica: Guanacaste Airport helps build walkways in Junquillal

Guanacaste Airport donated 91.5 kg of recyclable plastic to ProParques 

Guanacaste Airport donated 91.5 kg of recyclable plastic to ProParques this Saturday, December 3, in order to build walkways for the disabled at the Bahía Junquillal National Wildlife Refuge, which became the first accessible beach in the province of Guanacaste.

The beach now has 4 picnic tables with wheelchair access, with a 100-meter walkway so that people with disabilities can get into the sea. As well as a water wheelchair that will be on site when someone needs it.

Of the total kilograms that were donated by Guanacaste Airport, 26.16 kg correspond to plastic lids collected in the fourth edition of ECORUN 2022.

The athletics race held in the perimeter of the terminal on November 16 included the collection of 50 plastic caps per participant as part of the registration process. In the activity, more than 8,700 plastic lids were counted in total.

Guanacaste Airport is currently a temporary waste storage center, with collection points strategically placed at the airport. As part of the environmental commitment of our terminal, this initiative provides comprehensive support to people so that they can have greater access to the beaches and can enjoy the beauties of Guanacaste.

The donation of plastic covers that help to build walkways is part of our effort to provide equal conditions both for locals in the province and for tourists who visit us from different parts of the world.

The Bahía Junquillal National Wildlife Refuge had a total donation of 22 tons of plastic lids thanks to the commitment of thousands of people and public and private institutions.

Thanks to the alliance with ProParques, Guanacaste Airport remains a promoter of the Guanacaste province and accessible tourism thanks to the link between the airport, environmental foundations, the Government, small and large businesses, as well as tour operators in the northern region of the country.

Source: Guanacaste Aereopuerto

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