June 13, 2024

Clara Antúnez Ferrer, sommelier at La Gastronòmica

Combining food and wine with the serene backdrop of the ocean creates a truly magical experience.

Clara Antúnez Ferrer and Jaume Montanya’s demonstration by the sea sounds like a picturesque and captivating experience. Conducting a presentation amidst the stunning backdrop of the Costa Brava in Catalonia would undoubtedly add a special ambiance to the event. Having Gunther Goldberg, the CEO of Travel Konnections, along with travel agents from Miami in attendance suggests that the presentation garnered attention from industry professionals. It sounds like an evening filled with inspiration and potential for unique travel experiences.

Clara Antúnez Ferrer curated an exceptional experience at Barcelona Wine Week 2023 ! The Wine Bar Wine Tasting Journey she coordinated seems like a fantastic opportunity for attendees to explore the diverse terroirs of Spain through the lens of wine. With 58 wines from regions like El Bierzo, Valderroas, Somontano, the Orotava Valley, Jumilla, and Priorat, participants would have had a truly immersive and educational experience. Clara’s expertise and curation likely contributed to making this event a highlight of the fair.

It sounds like Clara Antúnez Ferrer and Jaume Montanya’s company truly embodies the essence of their region, serving as both promoters of its culinary treasures and passionate ambassadors. Their dedication to showcasing the best of their region’s wines and food is undoubtedly commendable, and it’s evident that their efforts have been well-received and appreciated. Recommending them for future events is a testament to the quality and value they bring, and it’s great to hear that they have been rewarded for their exceptional work. They seem like the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their event with a taste of regional excellence.http://www.lagastronomica.cat

Source : TKP Marketing

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