April 18, 2024
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Cayman Islands invites you to enjoy three destinations in one

Conveniently located, just an hour’s flight from Miami, it is known as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean and exclusive experiences

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean made up of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Conveniently located, just an hour’s flight from Miami, it is known as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean and exclusive experiences.

A visit to the Cayman Islands allows you to experience the local culture, whether it be enjoying the beach, relaxing in a wonderful spa, shopping or enjoying one of the more than 200 lodging options.

Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman is the largest and westernmost of the three Cayman Islands. It offers a variety of activities, lodging and extraordinary attractions. It is approximately 122 square kilometers, 35 kilometers long, and is home to more than 70,000 residents. Arts, culture and natural wonders create the perfect environment.

George Town is the capital city and is surrounded by traditional architecture and modern delicacies. Here, visitors can enjoy duty-free shopping from exclusive brands such as Cartier, Rolex, and David Yurman.

On the west side of the island is the award-winning Seven Mile Beach, a crescent-shaped stretch of sand with endless possibilities. Meanwhile, North Sound is home to a neighborhood of the majestic southern manta rays called Stingray City. Stingray City is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where visitors can see stingrays up close, just one meter from the water.

Plus, no trip to Grand Cayman is complete without an expedition to these must-see places:

  • On the other side of the island, the eastern districts of Grand Cayman offer incredible outdoor experiences like the rare blue iguanas at Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park.
  • The National Museum of the Cayman Islands – Immerse yourself in the natural and cultural history of the islands.
  • Rum Point – snuggle under the shade of the Casuarina trees after snorkeling.
  • Pedro St. James – It is the oldest building in the Cayman Islands with unbeatable views.
  • Downtown Tortugas – It’s easy to befriend these amazing ocean creatures.
  • The Mastic Trail – take a walk back in time through this subtropical forest.

Cayman Brac
Just a 30 minute flight from Grand Cayman, “El Brac” is off the beaten track, but still charming, allowing thrill seekers and nature lovers to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna more exuberant. The little towns here have names like West End, Watering Place, Cotton Tree Bay, Creek, and Spot Bay. With rustic lodging options, Cayman Brack is the ideal place to unwind after another adventurous day.

It is the perfect place for family vacations, wellness retreats or wedding destination.

Little Cayman
A remote island wonderland, only ten miles long and one mile wide, in this Little Cayman paradise you will find peace and tranquility in every square inch. Here, visitors can enjoy deserted beaches with soft white sand and the relaxing sound of the breeze that whispers through the palm trees, a charming bike or scooter ride is highly recommended to get to know it.

South Hole Sound Lagoon is ideal for a dip in its pristine waters with all the blue hues. Just a kayak off the coast of Little Cayman, Owen Island offers seascapes in its purest form, making visitors feel like they are the last person on the planet.

Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park is one of the most popular and fantastic dives. With a spectacular drop of more than 1,500 meters, Bloody Bay Wall offers divers the opportunity to glimpse the underwater life of the Cayman Islands against a spectacular backdrop. Just 100 feet below the surface, you’ll find sharks, rays, and turtles native to the island that can be seen against the stunning backdrop of the Bloody Bay wall.

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