October 1, 2023
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Boeing takes on new role in reducing aviation emissions

Manufacturer commits to supporting increased commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and promoting other low-carbon technologies

Boeing will represent the aviation industry in a global alliance established jointly by the US Government and the World Economic Forum to accelerate clean technologies and reduce carbon emissions.

The First Movers Coalition (FMC) was created in late 2021 to harness the buying power of major companies to accelerate the pace of decarbonization of industrial sectors such as shipping, chemicals, and trucking. highway. Boeing, a founding member of the coalition, will act as the “champion” of the aviation sector.

As part of its new role, Boeing is committed to supporting the increased commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and promoting other low-carbon technologies. Scaling up sustainable solutions is central to the aviation sector’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, and the broader goal of keeping global temperatures 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – the so-called ‘1.5°C pathway’. ‘.

“We can only maintain the critical 1.5°C climate pathway if we drive the market for disruptive zero-carbon technologies and make them as economically competitive as existing carbon-intensive solutions,” said Nancy Gillis, Head of the First Movers Coalition. “I congratulate Boeing on its new defense role and look forward to working together to drive urgency and accelerate the use of these emerging technologies.”

Boeing will leverage current technologies and increase industry partnerships to expand sustainable aviation fuel supplies, while also shaping strategies to develop new solutions.

“We are honored to serve as champions for our industry and are committed to partnering with FMC members and others to scale SAF and accelerate low-carbon technologies to decarbonize aviation,” said Brian Moran, Vice President of Policy. and Boeing Global Sustainability Partnerships.

Boeing has hired one of the leading SAF experts to work with the more than 50 companies of the First Movers Coalition and other industry partners. Robert Boyd will join Boeing from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), where he led decarbonization efforts, including advancing the commercial deployment of the SAF and resolving political, economic, sustainability and logistics. Boyd also served as a member of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Fuels Working Group. Additionally, he served for four years on the Board of Directors of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).

“Boeing has been a pioneer in making SAF a reality, and having Robert on our team is further proof that we are 100% committed to working together to meet the industry’s net zero emissions commitment by 2050,” said Moran. .

Boeing’s new role builds on the aerospace company’s sustainability efforts, which include the ecoDemonstrator program, which in 2018 made the world’s first commercial aircraft flight using 100% sustainable fuels with a 777 Freighter, in collaboration with Fedex Express. Last year, Boeing partnered with the entire industry to decarbonize aerospace, including SkyNRG, Alaska Airlines, Etihad Airways, NASA, Rolls-Royce and United Airlines. Boeing is also making progress through its joint venture, Wisk, to bring the first all-electric autonomous air taxi to market in the U.S. Boeing also has significant experience with hydrogen, conducting six demonstrations of the technology in the last 15 years.

Source: Boeing

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