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Boeing and SkyNRG sign agreement to increase the use of sustainable fuels

The manufacturer will invest in the first SkyNRG Americas facility in the United States for the exclusive production of sustainable aviation fuel

Boeing, SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas today announced an agreement to increase the availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) worldwide. Boeing will also invest in the SAF production project that SkyNRG Americas is currently developing with Alaska Airlines.

“Sustainable aviation fuels are safe, proven, and offer the greatest carbon reduction potential in our industry in the short, medium and long term,” said Chris Raymond, Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer. “This agreement constitutes an important framework in our journey towards the decarbonization of the aerospace industry, while ensuring that its social and economic benefits are available to all.”

Boeing, SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas will work together to accelerate the development of SAF around the world, primarily by expanding production capacity, raising awareness and engaging stakeholders throughout the value chain, including airlines, governments and environmental organizations.

“We are extremely proud to strengthen the long-standing relationships between Boeing and SkyNRG, with whom we have always been great partners,” said Maarten van Dijk, CEO of SkyNRG.

SkyNRG is the SAF industry leader on multiple fronts: sourcing and supplying sustainable aviation fuels, building production capacity, advising on political decision-making, and leading corporate SAF programs. SkyNRG Americas is a new company dedicated to increasing SAF production in North America. Its first dedicated SAF production facility in the United States will serve airports and airlines on the nation’s West Coast. Boeing’s investment in the project includes SAF’s advance purchase of this facility for use on the company’s test flights and other operations.

“We are excited about this partnership with Boeing. The fact that the company decided to pay upfront to purchase the SAF for our first facility demonstrates its leadership in the industry. Through this cooperative agreement, SkyNRG Americas will be able to accelerate our efforts to expand the SAF industry throughout North America, ”said John Plaza, CEO of SkyNRG Americas.

The association is based on the fact that Boeing is an industry leader and a forerunner in SAF. The company flew the first flights to test the SAF in 2008 and helped secure approval for commercial use in 2011. The Boeing ecoDemonstrator uses SAF on all flights and in 2018 made the world’s first flight using 100% SAF on an aircraft. commercial. Earlier this year, Boeing pledged that its commercial aircraft will be able to fly and be certified to 100% SAF by 2030.

“Our industry will need a robust and reliable supply of SAF to cope with climate change and promote this adoption of this fuel,” said Raymond. “We want to promote alliances and create this offer.”

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