June 13, 2024
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Aruba marks record growth in 2023

Aruba tourism in the Latin American region recovers and grows, achieving a year of continuous growth

With a global recovery rate of 111% at the end of 2023, compared to 2019, Aruba exceeded the established objectives towards constant and progressive growth in visitors.

In this way, tourism on the Caribbean island continues to increase thanks to the marketing and sales strategy carried out by the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) in the different global markets where it has a presence. In this sense, the happy island received 1,224,935 visitors who visited the island during 2023, as reported by ATA data in its latest 2023 annual report.

Latin America continues to grow
In 2023, new air routes were opened in Colombia and Peru, as well as an increase in air frequencies in the main hubs in Latin America to connect the region with Aruba. Additionally, marketing and sales strategies were implemented with the main tourism allies in South America focused on innovative campaigns for different targets.

All these efforts were reflected; This is how Aruba closed 2023 with a regional recovery rate of 122% compared to 2019 and with a market share of 10.5%, more than 3 percentage points than in 2022.

The Happy Island received more than 130,000 thousand visitors from Latin America, 55.5% more than in 2022, with Colombia being the main market with more than 51 thousand tourists (+54.8% vs. 2022), followed by Argentina with approximately 18 thousand (+48 .8% vs. 2019) and in third place is the Brazilian market with almost 13 thousand travelers (+43.9% vs. 2022).

Chile issued 8 thousand passengers to Aruba (+34.1% vs 2022), Ecuador and Peru more than 7 thousand passengers (+165% and +118.4% respectively vs 2022). These three markets are also an important part of the diversification and growth strategy for Aruba, and have had
positive growth thanks to trade and sales efforts.

For Jordan Schlipken, director of Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) for Latin America, “2023 was a record year for Aruba tourism from the region, at ATA we continually work on achieving new routes and flights, such as the launch of the route Lima-Aruba by Latam Airlines that connects the entire southern cone with the island and gives passengers more options when traveling. We continue to connect the Colombian market with the opening of the Cali-Aruba route with Wingo and we increase frequencies with Avianca and Copa partners for the entire region. The goal for 2024 is to exceed the levels of tourists received in this record year, with Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia being the focus markets in the island’s growth and diversification strategy.”

Additionally, Schlipken highlighted that in Latin America there is great interest and high demand to travel and get to know the happy island. Therefore, he invited everyone he met to spend a different vacation on the happy island.

Aruba has been characterized in recent years as one of the most innovative and creative Caribbean islands in terms of destination marketing and 2024 will be no different with campaigns such as One happy Day, Extended Happiness, He said Yes, Love at first visit,
Bikini Day and Black Friday, Sunny Days have stood out in regional awards for creativity and effectiveness. Its strategy is to reach tourists to generate that knowledge through creative campaigns focused on family, romance and friends to generate high demand and traffic to our partners who sell the product. In 2023 alone, more than 104 thousand outbounds were generated from www. .aruba.com for members who participated in the annual campaigns.

Schlipken mentions that “This 2024 we are launching in Latin America the global campaign The Aruba Effect that seeks to highlight that feeling that Aruba generates in those who visit us through the intangible attributes that the island has and we seek that all those who have gone to Aruba identify themselves with it and those who don’t, well let this be the year to discover Aruba and everything we have to offer. Additionally, we will continue working with high-impact campaigns at key moments to continue driving growth for this year.”

Source: Aruba Tourism Authority

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