July 12, 2024

Air France launches new products for young travelers

The airline presents a new kit for the little ones in all its cabins

With nearly 2 million children accompanying its flights each year, Air France has always been dedicated to the well-being of the families traveling with them. With the winter holidays approaching, the company is introducing new products for young travelers.

Turn the trip into a fantasy world

In all cabins on Air France long-haul flights, children will now receive a fun new activity kit with interactive cabin crew games to keep them entertained during their journey and to use at home.

Inside, they’ll find a small dog-shaped figure with a suitcase, a plane in the airline’s colours, a runway puzzle, an activity book and colored pencils. The kit unfolds to reveal a fun French bakery décor and the dog figure is wearing a sailor top, two iconic nods to France.

This new kit is distributed to all young travelers during the onboard meal service. The “children’s” menu consists exclusively of organic products on flights departing from Paris and is automatically offered to children from 2 to 6 years of age. Beyond the age of 6, the child’s parents can reserve the children’s menu free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. As part of an eco-friendly approach, this kit is plastic free. Each item is made from FSC wood (sourced from sustainably managed forests) or recycled paper and cardboard.

Optimal well-being for babies

Air France is also offering new products for families traveling with babies under 2 years of age. In all cabins on Air France long-haul flights, customers receive an adorable kraft paper kit containing a stuffed dog, made from reusable and recyclable soft materials. In La Première, Business and Premium Economy cabins, this kit also comes with a beautiful bag in Air France colors and certified organic Castéra Thermal Spring Water made in France.

Air France makes holiday travel fun

Throughout the trip, Air France also offers other fun activities for its young travelers. In addition to special meals and fun kits, little travelers can also enjoy a dedicated selection of entertainment programs including music, cartoons and an introduction to meditation. A selection of 16 children’s magazines can also be downloaded from the Air France Play app.

Air France also welcomes children between the ages of 4 and 17 traveling alone on board its flights. With the “Kids Solo” service, Air France staff accompanies them and guarantees their safety. Thanks to the Air France app, parents can follow each step of their journey, from departure at the airport to arrival at their destination.

Source : Air France


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