October 1, 2023
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Aeroméxico and Delta incorporate check-in technology developed by SkyTeam

Allows digital check-in on trips operated by different airlines through their mobile applications or websites

Traveling on an itinerary that includes both Aeromexico and Delta flights is getting easier thanks to standardized technology implemented by the two SkyTeam member airlines. Passengers can now check-in and obtain their boarding passes through either carrier’s self-service channels, and proceed directly to security checkpoints without the need to use a kiosk or go to a counter, which offers a faster and more contact-free airport experience.

Aeroméxico and Delta are the first to implement the technology developed by SkyTeam, known as Digital Spine. The innovation connects the digital systems of both airlines, facilitating the experience of travelers who have itineraries on different airlines. Customers will be able to check-in through the digital channels of either of the two, regardless of which one operates the flights.

It is estimated that the use of this approved technology between Aeroméxico and Delta will positively impact more than 50,000 customers each month, helping to reduce stress and minimize lines at the airport. Aeroméxico customers traveling with Delta were the first to experience this technology last year. More than 300,000 customers have already successfully used the service, paving the way for a broader rollout of the technology among more SkyTeam members in 2022.

Example of how SkyTeam approved check-in technology works:

A customer purchases a Delta ticket from Mexico City to Raleigh-Durham via New York-JFK.
The first flight is operated by Aeroméxico, while Delta operates the second leg.
Thanks to this new technology, customers can use the Fly Delta app or delta.com (or the Aeroméxico app or aeromexico.com) to check-in on both flights, generating their boarding passes.

Walter Cho, Chairman of the Board of the SkyTeam alliance, said: “SkyTeam’s innovative technology is digitizing the travel experience to increase safety and comfort by avoiding the need to wait in lines. Through our mission to be the most comprehensive and integrated global alliance, we are creating a series of tools that keep customers informed and ready to fly, giving them greater confidence when traveling internationally.We are working quickly to implement this new check-in technology in most of the members during 2022”.

“Sabemos que el uso de canales digitales como la app Fly Delta para hacer check-in y obtener un pase de abordar, es una parte importante para crear una experiencia de viaje sin estrés”, dijo Alain Bellemare, Presidente Internacional de Delta. “Por lo tanto, la capacidad para realizar el check-in utilizando nuestros canales digitales en cualquier vuelo de Aeroméxico, es una gran noticia para nuestros clientes cuando viajan al extranjero, proporcionándoles mayor tranquilidad”.

“Ahora más que nunca es clave contar con un ecosistema digital confiable que nos ayude a ofrecer un proceso sin contratiempos. Gracias al esfuerzo conjunto con SkyTeam, hemos habilitado esta nueva funcionalidad que reafirma la experiencia de viaje homologada entre Aeroméxico y Delta Air Lines, y próximamente con otros socios de la alianza”, dijo Andrés Castañeda, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Digital y Experiencia al Cliente de Aeroméxico. “Este trabajo manifiesta el compromiso de todos los socios por ofrecer un servicio de vanguardia para nuestros clientes”.

Aeroméxico and Delta have always been committed to offering a standardized experience to their customers throughout the trip. In addition to the Aeroméxico Health and Hygiene Management System and the Delta CareStandard that protect the health of customers and collaborators, the partners have focused on developing the necessary digital resources so that travelers can be updated on the new international travel requirements.

SkyTeam’s approved check-in is a fundamental part of the SkyCare&Protect program, made up of 22 health and hygiene measures adopted by all member airlines, to create different levels of protection that improve the safety and health of customers at each stage of the trip.

Source: Delta Airlines

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